Concept development of ski resort Adzhigardak

16 january 2020

Rosengineering proposed conceptual solutions for reconstruction of the ski resort Adzhigardak, located in the Chelyabinsk region. The concept proposes the ways of increasing the tourist and investment attractiveness.

The landscape surrounding the resort makes it possible to supplement the existing ski slopes with new ones and to use the possible greatest height difference, thus increasing the length of the maximum slope. Most of the tracks will be long and gently sloping, which could become resort’s special feature. Comfortable skiing on a quiet terrain could attract additional tourist flow. A recreation area is planned on the new territories. Artificial reservoirs for snow system maintaining in winter could be used as recreational reservoirs in summer. Also in warm time the vast territories reserved for skiing and roller skiing could be suitable for bike rides, thematic hikes or any cross-country sports.

Modern equipment for artificial snow would make it possible to open the most visited routes and cable ways with the first frosts and in a short time.

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