Joint venture company of Rosengineering and Tokyo Rope on the opening ceremony of Russian Railways Innovative Center

27 august 2019

On June 25 Rosengineering and Tokyo Rope’s joint venture company, TR Engineering, took part in the opening ceremony of the regional innovation center of Oktyabrskaya Railway with the participation of Oleg Belozerov, General Director of Russian Railways, and Alexander Beglov, St. Petersburg Governor.

The opening ceremony was held at Oktyabrskaya Railway Business Relations Center. At the event TR Engineering presented the latest developments in geotechnical protection systems against natural hazards and proposed ways of using such systems in the field of railway infrastructure. These are gabions, steel nets, slope reinforcement systems and rockfall prevention. The products are made of high-strength corrosion-resistant wire using Japanese technologies in the production process, having a long service life as well as high rates for solving safety problems.

The first Innovation Development Center of Russian Railways was created to attract technologycal companies. Such innovative sites should become points of attraction for start-up companies in the regions, spaces for discussing new technologies.