Rosengineering designs project of artificial snow making system on “Krasnaya Sopka” in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

27 august 2019

Following the results of the open tender, Rosengineering concluded a contract with STK Gornyi Vozduk for designing works of artificial snow making system on mountain “Krasnaya” in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Within the Contract, Rosengineering will perform design and survey works of snowmaking system for alpine slopes of total length 12,565 m. The project will also include pumping station with capacity of up to 500 m3 / hour and artificial reservoir of up to 60,000 m3. The main source of water supply system will be the Markovka River.

Mountain “Krasnaya” is located in the southeast to mountain “Bolshevik”. And till the moment infrastructure of “Gornyi Vozduh” was limited by only slopes of “Bolshevik”. Now, within the development program, “Gornyi Vozduh” extends to the new mountain range “Krasnaya”.


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