Rosengineering develops a concept for construction of a ski-roller track in St. Petersburg

31 october 2019

Rosengineering will carry out pre-design works for construction of a ski roller and bicycle track in the north of St. Petersburg within a Contract with Olympic Reserve xc skiing sport school

The ski roller track is supposed to be located in the district Pargolovo on the territory close to the sport school. The track will correspond FIS standards. Asphalt pavement will cover 5 km length and 5 m width. The marking on the track will be made according to “Cross-country skiing” rules. Along the trackside there will be artificial coating of 1 m wide. The concept of the project will also determine the capacity, the need for artificial snow system and artificial lighting on the tracks.

In case of project fulfillment, the ski-roller track in Pargolovo will become the second in the city. Earlier in 2015, Rosengineering developed a master plan for the ski-roller track in the Murinsky Park in St. Petersburg, which was opened for skiing in 2018.

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