Implemented works
Concept Development
Type of works:  design and survey work
Contract type:  General design
Customer :   STK Gorny Vozdukh OJSC
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objectiv: To perform survey and execute design and detailed documentation for development of Gorny Vozdukh Sports and Tourist Complex.

Design of pistes
Design of passenger cable railroads
Design of system of artificial snow and power supply networks

Project content:

Name: Gorny Vozdukh Sports and Tourist Complex development

Location: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, territory of Gorny Vozdukh Sports and Tourist Complex

The project includes two cable ways with the length 1000 m and 460 m equipped with disconnecting four-seat chairs for a year-round use.

Artificial snow-making is one of arrangement of a piste preparation complex for the skiing season under conditions of lack or absolute unavailability of natural snow. Total area of snow-making – 16.3 ha, on which 73 snow generators are installed based on the requirements to the time of snow making – no more than 100 hours.

Water supply source for SAS is accumulation reservoirs with volume 60,000 m3 and 1124 m3.

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