Rosengineering applies GIS in construction of residential development Obraz Zhizni

19 april 2019

Rosengineering applies geo-information technologies in the construction of residential development Obraz Zhizni, located in the Leningrad region in the territory of Okhta Park resort.

Corporate GIS developed on Esri base accompanies the design and construction of the residential development. It allows seeing the current stage of the object and related documentation, monitoring the progress of construction by the help of photos made from a height, and coordinate all workflows.

All the necessary information is displayed in a GIS project within the corporate GIS portal. Members of working groups, as well as employees of contracting organizations, may get access to the project. GIS is possible to use on mobile devices as well.

In addition to viewing the current map and objects of the territory, GIS users can form their own spatial cuts of the GIS project. This helps to exchange notes related to certain site object between members of the working groups.

Forming the general information infrastructure of the project from the first stages allows to create the base of equipment elements necessary for operation purposes in future.

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