Rosengineering’s project on the Northen slope of Arkhyz increased resort’s attractiveness

04 april 2019

Alpine skiing facilities built by Rosengineering on the Northern slope of Arkhyz ATRC have increased tourist flow to the resort this season and were highly appreciated by visitors.

After the new ski slopes and the cableway on the northern slope started being operated, the tourist flow significantly exceeded comparing to the previous season. In particular, the 100 000th visitor to the cableways in Arkhyz was recorded on February 1, although this mark was usually recorded in the second half of the month. According to the results of the first two months of 2019, the increase of tourist flow is 30% if to compare with the same last year period.

The new ten-seat gondola cable way connects the southern and northern slopes of Romantic village and combines the existing ski slopes of the southern slope with new ones of the northern slope. Thus the total length of the slopes comes to over 25 km, and the new altitude reached a level of 2336 meters. All this significantly increased the attractiveness of the resort and the Republic in the field of sports and ski tourism.

The project of alpine ski facilities construction on the Northern slope of Arkhyz was implemented within the contract with JSC NCR