The construction of a snowmaking system in "Gornyi Vozduh" continues

17 july 2020

Rosengineering continues construction of artificial snowmaking system on slopes “Yug”, “Vostok”, “Sever-1”, “Sever-2” at alpine skiing resort “Gornyi Vozduh” in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Multistage construction of artificial snowmaking system at “Gornyi Vozduh” began in 2014 on the slopes of Mountain Bolshevik. Now the resort has 14 slopes of various complexity. The artificial snowmaking system is already in use on “Zapad”, “Armeyka”, “Sportivnaya” slopes and in the beginning of winter season it provides enough artificial snow cover to open the slopes on time. At the moment there are 72 snow producers. After completion of construction the number of snow generators on the slopes will reach 142 pieces.

The excellent quality of the ski slopes, regardless of the weather, is the goal for which artificial snowmaking systems are being improved. Artificial snow can withstand a greater load than compacted natural snow, which significantly increases the ski resort's capabilities in improving the quality of slope preparation, increasing the number of visitors, and extending the skiing season until late spring.

In addition, one of the priority of infrastructure development of the ski complex is the protection of territories from dangerous geological processes, that is the implementation of slope protection against natural hazards.

“Gornyi Vozduh” is a training base for many athletes, including the Russian Paralympic Alpine Ski Team, as well as a place where the FIS Alpine Far East Cup has been held for 6 years. At the beginning of 2020, the World Paralympic Alpine Skiing World Cup was held in “Gornyi Vozduh”, where the expert commission of the International Paralympic Committee and athletes from around the world noted the professional preparation of the slopes, which directly depended on the high-quality reliable operation of the artificial snowmaking system and the professionalism of specialists.