We are aiming to occupy top positions in delivering integrated and turn-key projects, following principles
of non-stop improvement, technology development, high quality and safety standards maintenance,
applying experience of our professional team able to manage project of any level of complexity.


We, managers and employees of Rosengineering, accept and share a number of important values which we follow in our activities:


We are aiming to become leaders in delivering turn-key projects. We support our employees’ and partners’ ambitions to achieve their targets.


We improve technologies and organization, professional and business behavior, and implement innovations in all our business activities.


We constantly search for new business development opportunities, mobilize all resources to achieve our targets and quickly and efficiently react to changes in the market and customers’ needs.


We make reasonable use of our resources and improve quality of works for the benefit of our Customers.


We respect values, rights and interests of our clients, business partners, employees and the society at large.


We maintain an open information space; we trust our clients, partners and employees and expect trust from them in return; we assume responsibility for results of our activity.


We stand for correspondence of rights and obligations, performance results and remuneration, merits and honors for them in relation to clients, business partners and employees, as well as for equal opportunities for professional growth.


We create safe conditions for life and health of our employees; we build up relationships with our clients, employees and partners in view of prosperity of all parties; we protect environment.