Dmitriy Novikov

President of Rosengineering

  • Dmitriy Novikov is a member of the Presidium, member of the Presidium Office and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Russian Public Organization “Russian Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding Federation”.
  • He is the President of Regional Public Organization “Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding Federation of Saint Petersburg”.
  • Mr. Novikov is a Master of sport and the Alpine Skiing Champion of the USSR.
  • He is a Cavalier of Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation.

Dmitriy Shvaiko

General Director of JSC ROSENGINEERING

  • Dmitriy Shvaiko graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Commercial Institute with a degree in Economics and Management in Trade and Public Catering.
  • He is a graduate of the higher vocational school “The Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation”.
  • He has MBA degree in International Management.
  • Since 1997 Mr. Shvaiko held engineering and senior positions at OJSC Krasnoyarskenergo, OJSC Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter; in 2004 – 2009 he worked at construction projects of Khakas Aluminium Smelter and Taishet Aluminium Smelter.
  • Since 2009 he has been a part of Rosengineering’s team, holding senior positions.
  • Since 2011 Mr. Shvaiko has been holding the position of the General Director of JSC ROSENGINEERING.
  • He is an Honored builder of the Russian Federation.

Maxim Panov

Director of Project control Department, JSC ROSENGINEERING

  • Maxim Panov graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport with a degree in Economics and Management.
  • In 2004 – 2008 he worked at the construction projects of Taishet Aluminium Smelter.
  • Since 2009 Mr. Panov has been in charge of Project control Department of ROSENGINEERING.
  • He was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Government of the Russian Federation.