Safety assurance is important when designing and constructing any facility. One of the aspects of high level safety assurance is prevention of dangerous geological processes such as landslides, rockfalls, avalanches.

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Everything about Geohazard Protection systems

In hilly and mountainous locations, it is difficult to control geohazards. Rockfalls, landslides, mudslides or avalanches are sporadic and unpredictable phenomena. It is frequently not possible to guarantee the security of people and structures using scientific methods. Reconnaissance surveying of the territory is required to identify all geohazards, followed by continuous monitoring, detailed calculation of the required parameters and the necessary engineering calculations, with the subsequent professional installation of protective structures. An integrated approach to resolving the task will be most effective and reduce loss to a minimum.

Our activities

Rosengineering performs complex of works in the field of nature hazard protection (concept development, design, construction and installation works). Our products and solution aim to prevent on-site rockfall and talus, strengthen slope massif, protect against erosion and restore vegetation layer.

Landslides protection


Landslide occurs when either natural processes or people breach slope stability. The entire mass moves and disaster may occur. Mostly caused by water underwashing, weakening of formation endurance during ventilation, falls and groundwater overwetting, seismic impact influence.

Methods of landslide protection:

  • Organization of runoff in the landslide area
  • Agroforestry
  • Retaining walls
  • Gabions
  • Ground anchors
  • Slope strengthening systems
  • Cable anchors

Soil erosion protection


Soil erosion is a diverse process of destruction and removal of soil by water and wind flows. Soil losses are not compensated by natural soil-forming processes, and the soil partially or completely loses its fertility.

The main factors that causes soil erosion are:

  • washout of topsoil
  • loose pruning of slopes
  • cutting down trees and shrubs
  • lack of drainage

Methods of soil erosion control:

Preventive measures and soil erosion control

  • Restorative works for damaged topsoil crop
  • Remediation, sprigging of territories already subject to erosion, mulching

Strengthening of slopes through engineering measures

  • Natural slope arrangement, terracing
  • Arrangement of slope anchorage, placement of anti-erosion grid
  • Slope erosion control

Water discharge arrangement

  • Collecting-ditch in order to collect surface waters
  • Arrangement of water – carrying ditches from concrete flumes
  • Diverting of ground water
  • Anti-erosion measures in riverbeds and knors
  • Water stream strengthening

Rockfall protection


Rockfall prevention means building special constructions aimed at preventing the fall or sliding of large rocks

Methods of Rockfall prevention:

  • Rope-net system
  • Rope-anchor system

Avalanche protection


Avalanche pose a serious danger to ski resorts, could be hazardous for people and infrastructure.

Avalanche prevention measures:

  • Systems for snow – retaining constructions (fences, walls, shields), slope terracing, agro-forestry
  • Systems for snow retaining fences and shields

Avalanche protection measures:

  • Guiding constructions: walls, artificial channels, avalanche-breakers
  • Breaking and stopping constructions: dimples, hills, tranches, ditches
  • Skipping constructions: galleries, sheds, trestles

Mudflow protection


Mudflow is a turbulent earthflow consisting of water and rock fragments, which may suddenly emerge in the basins of small mountains rivers

Anti-mudflow works can be devided into two groups:

  • Agro-ameliorative: forestry improvements, slope terracing, slope plowing and its overgrowing
  • Mudflow regulating and retaining constructions: retaining walls, bandings, ponds, dams, protection barriers

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