High quality and safety standards, compliance with regulations applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation, applying the best practices and latest know-how in construction materials and technologies for projects, as well as close cooperation with leading foreign companies – all these enable us to satisfy any wishes of a Customer.

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Everything about Design

For more than 20 years of work we have gained a vast experience in design of a wide variety of investment and construction facilities. Ski centres, bridges, tunnels, ports, factories, and utilities – our expertise covers practically all kinds of construction.

Key areas of focus

Rosengineering performs a full range of works on design of facilities of any level of complexity.

The Company is mainly focused on design and reconstruction of various-purpose sports and industrial facilities, as well as on design of leisure facilities, transportation network facilities, utilities, including snow-making systems.

Works on any project include the following sections: Architecture Section, Design, Technologies, Engineering Surveys, Design of protection systems against natural hazards, Design of Utilities, Special sections engineering, General Plan, Design of cableway systems, Construction Management Plan.

Implemented projects