Implemented works
Type of works:  Design and survey work, construction and installation work
Contract type:  EPC
Customer :   Gazprom PJSC
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objectiv: To design and construct a hydroelectric complex (artificial reservoir) with the content of a reserve water volume.

For artificial snow-making purpose for pistes
As a reserve water reservoir for fire-fighting purposes

General information

Name: Multi-purpose Artificial Reservoir of GTC Gazprom

Location: Sochi, Krasnya Polyana, GTC Gazprom

The purpose of the facility is filling and arrangement of water collection from a multi-purpose artificial reservoir, which ensures reserve accumulation of subsoil water of technical quality and precipitation for subsequent use of the reserve volume in different areas.

One of the main functions of the reservoir is water supply to artificial snow generation installations for pistes. As a supplementary function of reservoir operation, water supply from the pond to the fire-fighting system is provided. Solution of the process tasks is ensured with an imitation of a recreation area arrangement supplementing the natural landscape with an artificial reservoir and development of adjacent territory.

The only highland artificial reservoir is Russia with the water volume about 100,000 m3.

Designed structure containing capacity – 103,000 m3

Estimated depth in the reservoir – 8.4 meters

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