Every investor wants to know what a future facility will look like and what will distinguish it from competitors. Will the facility have its particular feature? Which target audience should be focused on? How not to make a mistake about facility configuration and logistics? What will the project budget be? How to convey the idea to the designer to get exactly what’s needed?

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Everything about Concept Development

Costs for equipment and construction works will ensure saving a large amount of money on re-designing, re-planning and moving of equipment in future. Cost of potential mistakes is incommensurable, if they are made during strategic planning and investment calculations due to the lack of pre-design studies.

Concept Development

Concept Development is the initial stage of development. The main objective of this stage is to determine engineering and financial viability of design, construction or reconstruction of a facility.

Main deliverables of Concept Development include the following:

  1. Concept of facility construction and development.
  2. Master plan which includes architectural concept, main technical solutions for transport and utility infrastructure.
  3. Assessment of needs in external infrastructure facilities taking into account specific features of location.
  4. Facility logistics.
  5. Statements of work to start design works.
  6. Project Implementation plan, basic budget of project capital expenses, basic schedule.
  7. Unified geo-information system of a project.

Master plan

The most important step of design and construction of facilities, reflecting the facilities conceptual layout, is development of a Master plan.

The target of a Master plan is to determine possibility and viability of facility construction.

Based on the solutions specified in the Master plan Rosengineering offers to a Customer the following:

  • a comprehensive vision of a facility and a framework for General plan development
  • a stage-by-stage plan of construction and development of a Customer’s facility
  • in case of leisure centre construction – centre’s throughput capacity with recommended prices for services, planed number of staff and a list of job positions (kinds of works) for an operating company
  • centre’s traffic scenarios for winter, summer and period between seasons
  • concept project of service and accommodation area.

In addition, we submit a Statement of work for development of special-purpose facilities (in case of ski complex construction these facilities include cable ways, slope lighting, buildings of service and rental centers, etc.); based on this Statement of work all further design works are performed.

A Customer receives all graphic materials in a digital format created in AutoCad. We prepare a panoramic 3D image of a facility.

Implemented projects