Implemented works
Construction of Alpine ski facilities
Concept Development
Type of works:  Design and survey work, Construction and installation work, Supply of equipment
Contract type:  EPC
Customer :   Gazprom PJSC
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objective: To perform reconstruction of the first resort in Krasnaya Polyana – Alpika-Service.

To use new territories, to extend skiing zones, to increase throughput capacity of the resort
To use now equipment for cable ways, lighting, artificial snowing
To create modern infrastructure
To ensure anti-avalanche protection of territory

Location: The facility is located in Adler District 60 km eastwards from Sochi, 6.5–10.0 km to the north-east from village Krasnaya Polyana of Krasnodar Krai.

Facility content
1 Passenger cable railroad Aibga-1.
2 Downhill cable railroad station at level 550 m.
3 Parking place at level 550 m.
4 Main transformer switchboard.
5 Gas boiler.
6 Cable railroad station at level 780 m.
7 Engineering protection facilities.
8 Power supply grids and structures.
9 Water supply and sewer system networks and structures.
10 Gas supply networks and structures.
11 Low current system networks and structures.

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