Combining our expertise and experience in construction, engineering, procurement and operation we are able to perform any kinds of construction works offering comprehensive solutions to our customers and providing a complete life cycle of a major project. Such approach increases efficiency, reduces implementation time and project costs, as well as guarantees quality.

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Everything about Construction

Rosengineering Company implements projects in civil engineering, production sector and sports industry. One of our main areas of expertise is performance of works under complicated conditions of rough mountainous terrain. Using the experience accumulated over the course of many years of work, the Company can successfully solve the tasks that are apt to occur in connection with challenging mountainous conditions.

Major construction projects

These are comprehensive arrangements, implemented with current legislation, where engineers, specialists and workers, as well as subcontracting organizations all take part. Supported by one of the most powerful and general-purpose project management system in the industry, our construction management specialists can guarantee that all project aspects will be coordinated and performed in accordance with a Customer’s schedule, budget and expectations.

With highly-qualified specialists and modern construction machinery, we are capable of carrying out any kind of construction and installation works.

The Company is busy with implementing new technologies during construction of facilities which allows us to improve quality of work performance, reduce time for project implementation, as well as save money of a Customer to a considerable extent.

Rosengineering assumes full responsibility for results of construction regardless of facility complexity level.

Pre-construction works

Early stage of construction includes preparation of drawings with a breakdown by site areas, as well as execution of all required documentation.
The Company has a team of professional land surveyors enabling preparation for facility construction of any level of complexity.

General construction works

General construction works are a set of works, including:

  • arrangement of construction site office
  • earthworks
  • concrete works
  • roofing works
  • finishing works
  • engineering works

Special works

Special works include the following:

Installation of cableway systems. To install cableway systems we have all necessary resources, i.e. highly-qualified personnel, modern physical infrastructure and special-purpose machinery and equipment for installation, including installation under the conditions of highlands.

Construction on slopes of 45° and more. In case construction is carried out in rough mountainous terrain, first of all, all slopes are checked by the Company’s survey teams. Depending on detected geological conditions our designers select design solutions for the construction.

Drilling works. The action essence of bored micropiles system involves strengthening of sedimentary deposits lying on slopes’ rock layers. When fixing dowels, soil is compacted and cemented bringing a favorable effect on slope stability. Dowel fixing results in formation of a stable slope able to withstand even seismic vibrations.

Industrial mountain climbing. The key advantage of industrial mountain climbing is the possibility to perform works at areas difficult to traverse and inaccessible by special-purpose machinery. Services of industrial climbers are cheaper than use of construction machinery and cranes.

Special-purpose machinery

Rosengineering has a wide range of special-purpose machinery and equipment at its disposal, which is intended to address different problems, including:

Kaiser walking excavator for work on mountain slopes. It is unrivaled throughout the world as its key design feature is telescopic legs combined with the wheels. This structural solution enables the excavator to move and operate at areas inaccessible by standard wheeled and tracked vehicles, and in particular: in mountain conditions, at slopes of 45° and more, forested lands which are difficult to traverse, at marshy and waterlogged areas.


Implemented projects