State-of-the-art methods of construction project management and application of the best domestic and foreign practices enable us to guarantee a comprehensive approach and successful implementation of any project to our customers.

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Everything about EPCM

Successful implementation of major investment and construction projects is predicated on the efficient management system. We have developed and are currently adopting a proprietary methodology for management of construction projects, applying it at all stages of investment process. Methodology of Rosengineering relies on PMI standards and utilizes the ЕРСМ approach.

ЕРСМ (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management)

It is the integrated management of investment and construction project implementation, including basic engineering, design, supplies, construction and commissioning.

Within the framework of ЕРСМ Rosengineering performs the following works:

  1. Concept development and preliminary engineering elaborations (basic engineering)
  2. Development of detailed budget by work packages
  3. Detailed engineering and working design based on the Statement of Work approved by an investor
  4. Management of inventory supplies: contracting, purchasing, cargo escorting, logistics, and acceptance
  5. Receipt of initial permits
  6. Management of construction and installation works: arrangement of construction works at site, work performance supervision, occupational safety control, and environmental status control
  7. Preparation for launch and commissioning
  8. Project implementation management and control: work schedules, expenditure control and analysis, work cost calculation, forecasting, reporting, and risk mitigation

Implemented projects