Implemented works
Integrated projects (EPCM)
Type of works:  Integrated solution
Contract type:  EPCM
Customer :   RUSKHLEB Issledovaniya LLC
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objectiv: To perform function of technical customer for project implementation of bakery ingredients production enterprise construction.

Design management
Construction management
Procurement management
Work performed quality control

Project summary

Name: Bakery Ingredients Production Enterprise

Location: Novorlovskaya Special Economic Zone in St. Petersburg

Project concept

The facility is located in the territory of Novorlovskaya Special Economic Zone in St. Petersburg on the land plot with area 1.8 ha.

The facility includes a production building with area 3.7 thousand sq. m. Designed capacity of the enterprise is 31 t/day of dry sours and dry additives. The production block of the enterprise unites technical premises required for production of ingredients for baking industry, warehouse premises, engineering and technical premises (pump room, heat supply unit (furnace), individual heating unit, main switchboard, electric switchboard room, server room, ventilation chamber), administration and household premises (cloakrooms – Gents and Ladies, lavatories, showers, laboratory, working rooms, chief mechanic’s room, meal room, cleaning equipment room).