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Integrated projects (EPCM)
Type of works:  Integrated solution
Contract type:  EPCM
Customer :   Obraz Zhizni Residential Complex
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objectiv: To perform functions of technical customer for the project accomplishment of Obraz Zhizni Residential Complex construction in Leningrad Region.

Design management
Construction management
Procurement management
Work performed quality control

Project concept

Name: Obraz Zhizni Residential Complex

Location: Vsevolozhsky District of Leningrad Region, 10 km from St. Petersburg, in the territory of Okhta Park resort.

The residential complex is located in the territory of Okhta Park resort and includes 3 residential areas – Gornaya, Sportivnaya and Lesnaya, being developed with townhouses, quadroxes and block houses. All houses are made of ceramic blocks with winterization. Each of the three residential areas is performed in a common architectural style, having a closed secured territory, recreation zones and children’s playgrounds.

1. Sportivnaya Complex

  Three-storey houses with 14 apartments – 26 houses

  2. Gornaya Complex

 Located on a natural highland, with terracing of the territory, includes 68 individual residential houses for 118.7 m2, 144.7 m2, 180 m2, and 23 block houses for 8 sections (section – 105 m2), 4 sections (section – 105 m2), 10 sections (section – 88 m2).

3. Lesnaya Complex

  Project design is in the development stage 

4. Related infrastructure:

A kindergarten, a spa center.

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