Implemented works
Concept Development
Type of works:  Conceptual solutions
Contract type:  Concept development
Customer :   Public Joint Stock Company «Magnezit»
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objectiv: To develop a concept of alpine skiing and snowboarding sport youth school within the frames of a waste heap recultivating program.

The territory is a wasteland heap
Placement of sports infrastructure on the territory
Placement of recreation area on the territory

Project summary

Name: Sport youth school “Magnezit”

Location: Satka, Chelyabinsk Region

The wasteland recultivating project allows placing two sports slopes as well as slopes for mass skiing. Total length of all tracks is of up to 2 km. According to the general plan, there are a sport school and a garage for special equipment in the rollout area and a guest zone with a service multifunctional center, a kids sports town and a parking place at the top of the heap.

The parameters of designing slopes make possible to organize a training process and competitions of the Cup of Russia level. Tourist infrastructure might compensates operating costs and the cost for sports school maintaining.

Contract conclusion/implementation – 2019

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