Implemented works
Construction of Alpine ski facilities
Type of works:  Design and survey work and construction and installation work
Contract type:  EPC
Customer :   Gazprom PJSC
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objective: To develop design and perform construction and installation work for the cable way for ensuring passenger and cargo transportation from transport hub Krasnya Polyana via Alpika Service facilities to Psekhako Range of Laura ski and biathlon complex.

Design and construction of cable way
Supply of cable way equipment

Name: Mountain Tourist Center of Gazprom Open Joint Stock Company, including cable railroads and ski slopes, engineering and transport infrastructure facilities (design and survey, construction)

Location: Psekhako Mountain Range Edge, 6.5–10.0 km to the north-east from Krasnya Polyana village and 2.0–6.0 km to the north-west from village Esto-Sadok of Adler District of Sochi, in the territory of the Sochi National Park.

General informatio:

Key figures of the cable railroad:

 — throughput capacity – up to 3000 persons per hour;

 — cars (30-TGD) with disconnecting clamps;

 — length on slope 5369.70 m;

 — elevation 1096.00 m.

 — rendering a set of services for holiday goers, including rest, catering, medical services, provision of sports equipment, etc.

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