Implemented works
Construction of Alpine ski facilities
Type of works:  Construction and installation work, Supply of equipment
Contract type:  
Customer :   KSK JSC
Implementation status
Level of Complexity
Scale of Project

Objective: To raise attractiveness of the District and the Republic in sports and Alpine ski tourism through increasing the duration of the ski season at VTRK Arkhyz, extension of the skiing zone at the resort, provision of tourists’ access to southwards and northwards resort segments.

Construction of cable railroad
Construction of pistes
Construction SAS
Construction of piste basher garage
Construction of motor bridge, access motor road

Project summary

Name: Northern Slope Facilities of Romantik VTRK Arkhyz village

Locatio: Zelenchuksky District of Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic, territory of Arkhyz Municipal Rural Settlement, on the right bank of Arkhyz River, opposite to the existing development and higher on the hill slope referred to the Arkasara Range Mountain System having northern exposition. 

1. Passenger cable railroad (PPKD) NL1 with ten-seat gondola-type cars with total length 3937 m consists of 3 sections.

 2. Alpine ski pistes (NP1, NP2, NP3, NP4, NP1 bis) of the Northern Slope of Romantik village, VTRK Arkhyz

Total piste length 10,689 m, maximum elevation 853.5 m. Various complexity level.

3. System of artificial snow for pistes of the Northern Slope

For snow generation, snow generators are installed on the slopes of the Alpine ski complex with a 40–80-meter interval.

For snow generation, 103 mast-type snow generators are installed on the slopes of Rubis EVO10CC(CF) type, in particularly wide sections, fixed ventilation snow generators TF10AT (21 pcs.) and in places with high wind load – mobile TF10AM (10 pcs.) are installed. Number of mobile snow generator connection points – 23 points.

4. Piste basher garage

5. Motor bridge. Access motor road

Road category – main street of district status, for traffic and pedestrians

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